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Questions and answers

If you wish to sell your house or apartment, it is vital to know what you are doing. Clear information and useful tips are not just welcome: they are absolutely crucial. What are your rights and obligations as a seller? What role does your estate agent play in all this? Which guarantees can they offer you?

On this page CENTURY 21’s real estate specialists answer the questions asked most frequently by owners and sellers.

If you would like advice tailored especially to your requirements, please contact a CENTURY 21 office near you for personal, objective and impartial advice.


What if I find a buyer myself?

Have you entered into an exclusive agreement with an estate agent for a specific period? If so, just refer the buyer to your agent, who will then take all the necessary steps, including a check on the buyer’s solvency, to give you peace of mind.
Why is it best to do business with just one real estate specialist?
Some sellers think that they will get results quicker by allowing several estate agents to sell their property, but this is anything but true. Not only do homes sold under a non-exclusive contract remain on the market for longer, but they usually sell under the initial asking price. This is because a flood of advertisements from different offices give the wrong impression: prospective buyers will think that you are desperate to sell at any price. Buyers also often play off different estate agents against each other to lower the price. The situation becomes even more complex if a buyer makes a bid. How do you know which estate agent attracted the buyer? Such uncertainty has a negative influence on the selling price. The conclusion is that if you want to sell your property quickly and for a good price, it is best to opt for just one real estate agent.

What is a preliminary sales agreement (compromis)?

You will sign a preliminary sales agreement when you have agreed upon a price with the buyer. Caution: this agreement is legally mandatory and binding. It is therefore very important that all information is correct, complete and in compliance with legislation. Your CENTURY 21 real estate specialist will guide you through this important step.

What is contained in the preliminary sales agreement (compromis)?

  • the agreed upon price
  • the deposit to be paid and registration rights
  • the term in which the remaining balance is to be paid
  • the exact location of the property
  • any existing rights of use
  • any existing suspensive conditions
  • occupation fees, if the current owner wishes to remain living in the property for a while
  • and much, much more …

When does the preliminary sale agreement (compromis) enter into effect?

The preliminary sales agreement will enter into effect once all suspensive conditions, such as obtaining a loan, have been met. The deposit must also be paid upon signing. We will check that the house is not encumbered by debts or taxes. The notarial deeds must be executed within four months after signing the preliminary sale agreement in the presence of a notary, whereby the buyer will pay the remaining balance and receive the keys to the purchased home.

 What are notarial deeds?

The notarial deeds give you legal certainly about your purchase. They are drawn up by a notary – hence the name – on the basis of the preliminary sale agreement. The notary will also register them with the registration and mortgage registry office. This prevents you from taking up a second mortgage on the same house.

How much do estate agent’s fees cost?

You must pay your estate agent a fee (or commission) for their services. This fee is clearly stipulated in writing in the collaboration agreement. Why not pay a visit to a CENTURY 21 office near you? We will be happy to take the time to go through our services and rates together with you in all transparency.

If you have any questions? Contact us: